Lightweight aircraft grade alumimium Lightened underdrive pulley kit (3 pulleys and belts included)

Installation quide: 2002_instructions.pdf

GFB lightweight Under-Drive Pulley Kits have been designed to improve acceleration by reducing the rotational mass on the crankshaft. Engineered using premium quality 6061 T6 Billet Aluminium on Precision CNC machines, GFB lightweight pulley kits typically save up to 2.5kg of weight over the factory pulleys. Testing revealed that the minimum improvements after replacing the factory pulleys with GFB lightweight Under-Drive Pulleys were as follows:

– 3% faster (0.1 seconds) from 30-90 km/h
– 4% higher average G-Force (0.02g) from 30-90 km/h
– 7.2% higher G-Force (0.03g) at 40km/h (2800 RPM)
– 5kW peak power increase (173.7kW to 178.7kW)